Friday, July 28, 2006

So my guage swatch(es) didn't work out exactly right ... but I started anyway. I just broke the first rule, didn't I? I figured I can sort of work the sizing based on my guage, and I'm brave, bold and foolhardy enough to think I can alter the pattern at critical points as I knit. Of course I'm making copious notes, so I can duplicate it on the right side. Let's hope I won't be duplicating a disaster. So far the left sleeve is coming out quite well, but who could ever tell much by trying on only one sleeve of a garment?

My yarn is Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran Tweed in Ivy, a very dark green with tiny flecks of red and yellow. My impression, though, is of a deep pine forest at the beginning of twilight, when you're not quite sure you can finish your hike before darkness falls completely, but you just can't bring yourself to leave the woods yet.


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